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Thursday, June 30, 2011
David InterContinental, Tel Aviv, Israel

Visual Programming Language - Simplifying software development so anyone can practice it*


Tersus Software  was created to solve an inherent and fundamental gap in Software development - the language and communication barrier between programmers and business problem owners.

Tersus managed to create a unified open source platform that can describe a business problem in human semantics (i.e. a visual description anyone can read or write) and execute this problem in the form of a running enterprise software using the same notation.

While many spoken languages has between 20-30 symbols which can create thousands of words, and programming languages encompass dozens of syntax related rules and core functions, Tersus consists of 5 simple visual elements.  

Sounds impossible or too good to be true - come to see for yourself....


* well, almost anyone....

  • Joel

    Joel Barel



    Joel co-founded Tersus in 2003 with the aim to bring software development practices and methodologies into new era of simplicity and availability. With tens of thousands platform users, Tersus is slowly becoming a development framework of choice for many developers and development houses world wide.

    Prior to Tersus, Joel served for 7 years at SunGard Business Integration as Managing Director Asia Pacific and thereafter North America, where he held overall P&L responsibility for the entire activities in these regions. Joel holds a BSc degree is physics from Tel-Aviv University.

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