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Thursday, June 30, 2011
David InterContinental, Tel Aviv, Israel

Evolution and Revolution in the Telecom Market


Within less than 10 years Asterisk technology changed not only the in the composition of players in the telecom market, but also the rules of the game itself. 

The relatively centralized market with high entry barriers changed its face completely within several year to a distributed market with many new small and medium players. 

The traditionally highly proprietary field has voted open-source with Asterisk quickly reaching higher market share than any other telephony system.

  We have witnesses the decline (and sometimes fall) of giants while many small players successfully entered the field.  How  did it happen?

The talk will follow the progress of Asterisk from early commercialization stage to its contemporary market dominance. 

From its impossible beginning as a project of a single software engineer who wanted to save money on telephony, to the current stage where Asterisk competes head-to-head with giants.

How are these changes expected to affect the market?
Who wins from these changes?

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