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Thursday, June 30, 2011
David InterContinental, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hybrid Applications for Mobile Telephones


During the past decade the mobile telephone has evolved into a magnificent device that allows its users to extend its capabilities through the installation of third party applications.

The vast range of platforms and the endless number of models set a problem for those who want to target the whole market or most of it. Developing separated versions of the same application for the different platforms and models is very expensive.

Developing a native application that includes a significant part developed using web technologies (also known as 'Hybrid Application') seems to be one of the most prominent alternatives.

In this lecture, I will overview some of the newest technologies relevant for hybrid applications development, including jQueryMobile, SenchaTouch and PhoneGap. In addition, I will overview their relevance in the context of Chrome OS platform and open source projects such as WordPress, Drupal and Elgg.

  • Haim-michael

    Haim Michael


    Haim Michael (Israel) has more than 15 years of experience in software development and has taught both academic and professional courses on Java, Java EE, .NET, Scala, PHP, HTML5, Android and many other mobile development topics both in Israel and in India.

    He is the founder of www.abelski.com through which people all around the world can enjoy a huge range of free courses about various advance software technologies. 

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