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Thursday, June 30, 2011
David InterContinental, Tel Aviv, Israel

Open Source: From Tactics to Strategy


Open Source software usage is commonplace in organizations around the world.

Most organizations. however, still make tactic use of Open Source only as a way to drive software acquisition costs down.

The biggest and smartest organizations makes strategical usage of Open Source software to such ends as generating more sales for their products, gaining a lasting advantage over their competitors and even as the core of new business models.

In this presentation I will cover the three stages of Open Source software life cycle, present five usages models for Open Source software and explain how each usage model can be used to derive value from each development life cycle of Open Source.

  • Gilad

    Gilad Ben-Yossef

    Open Source Evangelist

    Screenovate Technologies


    Gilad Ben-Yossef has been assisting OEMs make use of open source software in commercial products and services since 1998.

    He is also the co-founder and CTO of Codefidence Ltd. and Screenovate Technologies Ltd., the co-author of "Building Embedded Linux Systems", 2nd edition, by O'Reilly Media, the cofounder of Hamakor, an NPO devoted to the promotion of FOSS in Israel, and a founding organizer of "August Penguin," an Israeli community FOSS conference.

    Gilad is a member of the Israeli chapter of Mensa, the Israeli Information Technology Association and the Israeli chapter of the Internet Society.

    He holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv Jaffa Academic College. When not trying to change the world, Gilad likes to SCUBA dive, read science fiction and spend time with his wife Limor and his and two adorable girls, Almog and Yael.

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