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Thursday, June 30, 2011
David InterContinental, Tel Aviv, Israel

LightSpeed: Creating an Open Source Project Management Platform – Case Study


Distributed software development utilizing low cost Offshore Development Centers (ODC) is an opportunity to control costs and speed development, but it adds layers of complexity and increases risk.

For that, Ignite decided to launch the development of LightSpeed – an Open Source Cloud-based Agile project management solution allowing distributed teams to work together as if they were located at the same place.


LightSpeed is based on best-of-breed open source solutions that were glued and enhanced to create an end-to-end coherent open source project management solution for distributed development.


The presentation will explore the challenges and advantages in gluing together and enhancing open source solutions while dealing with the serious challenges presented by the Open Source promise:
Support, maintenance, backward compatibility, durability, high-availability and security among others.

  • Boris1

    Boris Rakhlin



    Boris has a wide range of experience in managing complex distributed projects with teams located across the globe. In his work Boris puts an emphasis on using Open Source technologies to build products and solution for commercial enterprise environment.

    Ignite Ltd is a leading Israeli software project development provider. Ignite is the pioneer of the hybrid onsite-offshore (GlobalShore) software delivery model and a leader in the Israeli high tech community as a co-founder of Israel’s Software Development Managers Forum (SD forum).

    Ignite experts frequently present on topics related to Software Development, Agile methodologies, Open Source development and the Cloud
    at venues such as the SD Forum, the Israeli Annual Agile Conference, AgileTour, and the annual PMI

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